"Project Gluestick is the concept of a no-code, visual interface that builds custom apps and creates new workflows to help brands create the cross application automation they need faster than ever before."
(Above) Social Promo for the Project Gluestick Sneak, video created by Ron Nagy
Original rough designs for Project Gluestick app from Adobe XD file
I participated on the Project Gluestick team from the early planning and defining the functionality, and user flows built in Adobe XD with Adobe Spectrum plugin, through to the final UI design you see in the video (video created by Ron Nagy & team).
Adobe's Marketing Summit was successfully held online as a digital on-demand summit, free for all to attend. 
To view the Project Gluestick Sneak in its entirety, please visit this link: https://www.adobe.com/summit/2020/gluestick-summit-sneak.html
Screenshot from the Sneak video available at https://www.adobe.com/summit/2020/gluestick-summit-sneak.html

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