Launch Video:
Introducing Project Firefly
(Now "App Builder")
Script Editing | Video Editing | Sound Editing | Motion Design
"COVID-19 and the corresponding shelter-in-place orders have shaken up the world of work; as whole workplaces and industries have shifted to an entirely WFH model, in the interest of public safety, we have been forced to adapt. For us at Adobe I/O, the timing was particularly bad — just a few weeks after Adobe’s offices were closed, we would be launching Project Firefly, our complete framework for building cloud-native apps, tailor-made to the business and workflow needs of a particular company. While it wasn’t too difficult to collaborate on written marketing materials, videos were a whole other ballgame.

"With the idea of having a video crew come to film us, our workspaces, and show Project Firefly in its native habitat off the table, we had to get creative. To make Firefly’s marketing video, we put together an at-home video kit; by sending the video kit from team member to team member, via mail, we would each film our respective parts of the marketing video in our own homes, with an editor later assembling all the pieces (shout out to Sarah Dowling for her great work). Fortunately, we also had a video crew advising us, remotely."

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