User Research | UX/UI Design | Video + Motion Graphics
DigiPantry is a pantry and recipe app that enables college students to quickly choose and make meals from the ingredients they actually have at home, no extra grocery trips required.
Including functions like auto-sync grocery purchases to the app, and the ability to scan in/edit the pantry easily, Digipantry helps busy students stop the cycle of checking the fridge and pantry in their kitchen for inspiration, leading to more time to work (or watch another episode of that show online).
Students often don't feel like they have the time to make their own meals from ingredients they have around, and feel frustrated when they can't figure something out quickly — leading to some "hangry" pacing and time wasted. Interestingly, students actually feel satisfied and happy when they do make their own meals. DigiPantry bridges the gap between pantry, brain, and stomach to help make happy students.
Features such as sorting by time, ingredients needed, and dishes required can help students narrow down the perfect recipe every time. By selecting an ingredient they want to use up, such as the eggs that go bad next week, DigiPantry helps prevent food from being wasted, and saves financially.
(End icons designed by Madebyoliver from Flaticon, photography & steam background video from stock)

Digipantry makes creating satisfying meals a breeze for busy college students, and anyone else who has stood in front of the fridge too long.

UX Design Process

An early prototype of native UI interaction transitions

Some insight info my work process for designing DigiPantry

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