This wordmark reveal was chosen for this project as both a piece of my brand’s identity, and as a method of learning how to use Cinema 4D Lite’s animation tools and workflow into After Effects. I wanted to create a motion piece that spoke about me as a designer by exploring the geometry of my wordmark. 
I use a more scientific process when I approach problems, and wanted to reflect that in the way the logo is revealed. This led to the choice of 3D, so I could show part of my process—the process of the idea being conceptualized, fleshed out, built upon, and finalized. The movements I chose to use have some smoother easing, but I still wanted to reflect that mathematical/technical idea so have some movements that are more snappy/mechanic. 
Since this was my first time using C4D in a real project, I chose some learning outcomes I wanted to have by the end of the project. These included basic learning of the interface, importing vector graphics from Adobe Illustrator into C4D (wordmark file), gaining proficiency with key framing within C4D and doing all that to music. Then I wanted to learn the workflow of C4D to AE — how to take the 3D files and further add effects to them in AE. Finally, how to set up and properly render everything.
This is a project I would love to continue to develop even more into perhaps some other implementations of brand assets, such as with my brand’s graphic device of a spinning dodecahedron, and into my personal reel later this semester. Since I also demonstrated only part of my process with this wordmark reveal, I would love to create one or more additional accompanying pieces that communicate the research-idea-sketching-testing portion of my process in future.
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