Title Sequence for Welcome to Night Vale's Youtube Podcast 
Dark and mysteriously intertwined, this podcast has been described as what might happen if all of the conspiracy theories in the US were true. Each episode's every word is a thread in this tapestry of a story, re-listens can give the audience new perspectives on storylines planned from episode 1. I have enjoyed listening to this podcast for over 4 years, and wanted to create some visuals to the audio I have worked along to for years.
True to the nature of the podcast, this intro video references many small pieces of the story, and it has the option of being customized in what content it glitches to. Currently only a static image is used for the entirety of the podcast up online, but with the YouTube viewer base going strong, there is opportunity to spice up this medium. With the consistent structure of Cecil, the opening voice, making a statement followed by the introduction music, this would work well to play and then transition into the static image.
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