Crafted by Kevin: Label Projects for Homemade Foods
This is the first in a series for Kevin's homemade experiments. Kevin makes different recipes through the year to share with friends and family.
Created for salsa made from homegrown ghost peppers, this label is simple and fun, like a gathering around a salsa bowl should be. Greyscale was requested due to printing requirements, which also accentuated the "spookiness" of the label.
This handmade wine from Kevin was begun on October 27th 2014, when family traveled overseas to teach and travel for a year and a half. After being nicknamed "Jason Teacher" and "Jessica Teacher" by their students, the two returned to Canada to a bottle of this aged wine with a label inspired by their amazing teaching and adventures they had while away. With symbols acting as a universal language while traveling, the label came together into this simple, but colourful, appearance.
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